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The State of the Art in Artificial Intelligence to beat the competition

Discover how Hal-AI can help your company to obtain precious information in the most varied areas, taking your operation to the next level of efficiency and results! 

Hal-AI Control Panel

How it works ?

Hal-AI Sales Funnel

1. We perform data collection on the areas of interest where you want to apply AI analytics

Hal-AI Data Tokenizing

2. We "tokenize" the data, that is, convert it into an applicable model for AI. This process can be automated so that you can repeat it whenever you need to for new information.

Hal-AI Intelligent Evaluation

3.Applied the tokenized data to the Hal-AI interface for training. We can focus on scoring, maximizing sales, identifying customer satisfaction and much more...

Hal-AI Sales Increase

4. The rest is up to you! Hal-AI will automatically identify hidden patterns and opportunities in your operation that will make you multiply efficiency in any area of activity!  

Here are some examples of how our AI resources can help you

Hal-AI Reports

Selection of Personnel and HR

   Do you have hundreds or even thousands of applicants and need to screen to select the best CVs that suit your company's needs?

   Simple: after proper training, Hal-AI's AI can sort dozens or even hundreds of resumes in just a few seconds, replacing hours and hours with quality and agility of the human resources department, eliminating gaps and automatically selecting those candidates that best fit the profile your company is looking for. 

    This leaves the heavy lifting to our AI resources and your team can focus on your business core!

Automated Service Assessment

   Automatically score customer engagements across your business and extract valuable insights into sales conversion patterns, optimized trading and more.

    Create an automated customer service performance ranking, motivating your team through advanced AI capabilities, maximizing productivity and increasing sales and customer satisfaction, all this in one click.

    Identify patterns and create real-time scalable alerts for your management team and board, anticipating actions and creating a proactive and efficient environment.

Hal-AI Customer Service Eval
Hal-AI Fraud Detection

Fraud detection and compliance

  Monitor your company's systems using AI to:

  • Fraud prevention and alert 

  • Process compliance and compliance

  • Loss management and financial optimization

and much more...

And much more...

    Basically, any and all operating data from your company or even from the market can be analyzed through Hal-AI, in order to obtain answers regarding the direction and action strategies, efficiently and quickly.

   Schedule a meeting with us: we will be happy to analyze your case and propose the best approach to use the most advanced AI techniques to increase your profitability and optimize your operations.

Hal-AI Training
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