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Hal-AI UCS Cloud

Everything you expect from an advanced cloud telecommunications server
Cloud PBX
CRM & Sales System
Automated Service & WhatsApp Campaigns
Core with Multi-Function AI


See the Advantages your company has with Hal-AI UCS


1. Advanced cloud PBX hosted on Amazon Web Service with the best quality and the best features on the market, fully configurable and dedicated to your company.


2. Dedicated Hal-AI Zap communication system integrated, at no additional cost, managing a WhatsApp communication channel, with Omni Channel campaign managers for Call Centers


3. CRM with sales pipeline and deal management integrated with Hal-AI UCS Cloud. Automatic updating of contacts, calls and data analysis powered by the Artificial Intelligence system


4. Integrated AI core applicable to chats, customer registrations, business flows and even external processes in other sectors of the company (ex: selection of HR resumes).


Create Intelligent Service Flows Uniting Text and Voice

Our state-of-the-art technology unifies your voice service with WhatsApp, connecting any phone system, including common phone numbers and traditional PABX service, with the WhatsApp communication channel. 

So you create a fluid and complete experience for your customer and never miss a sale or deal again!

Replace your 1st Generation Traditional or Cloud PBX with IA  + Advanced Cloud on AWS

Gain more control and resources in your day to day, save manpower and serve more.

    You can even port your traditional phone number to a Hal-AI UCS, keeping the point of contact with your customers and gaining efficiency, control and versatility.  

    In addition to classic recording and call features, count on advanced control, reporting and Call Center functionalities that reduce your cost and labor demand and increase the quality of your service and your revenue.


    You will never lose a deal again due to lack of service or issues related to opening hours and demand.


WhatsApp + CRM + Telephony 100% Integrated

    Imagine the possibilities! That customer who contacts WhatsApp has all their communication history stored, evaluated and managed without human interference. 

   That chance of selling 100% taken advantage of and converted into profit in your cashier, accessible in your hands at a click, no matter the size of your company or the complexity of your business. The AI supported integration will automatically learn according to your rules and will always show you the best trading odds.


Have the State of the Art in service and efficiency with Hybrid Transparent Hal-AI systems

    No matter where you are or how big your team is. You serve 100% mobile, without any limitation, just an internet connection. 

    And there's more: 100% monitored, whether WhatsApp or Voice service, even with traditional telephony. You can combine hybrid machine - com  texts so natural that your customer may not even notice it - and human, all with 100% control and management and, according to your company's business policy, fully evaluated and monitored by AI - 



Can I exchange my traditional PBX for Hal-AI UCS?

Yea! Hal-AI UCS efficiently and cost-effectively replaces any traditional PBX.

Can I keep my company phone number?

Yea! We take care of everything regarding cloud portability

Let me understand: what comes in Hal-AI UCS?

Hal-AI UCS combines Advanced Cloud PBX + WhatsApp Automation System + CRM + Artificial Intelligence Core that you can configure to perform various automation and management functions.

How do I contract?

Hal-AI UCS has several models and hiring packages. Contact us and we will evaluate the best for you. There is always a model that will save you money and help you accelerate your profits!

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