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Already a customer?

Activate Meta's Official WhatsApp for your Company at
less than 5 minutes!

  • Connect as many employees as you want on the same number

  • Send bulk messages and create campaigns

  • Use AI for automated service, sales and more...

A única plataforma com integração oficial Meta que
suporta chamadas de voz!

Hal-AI Panel

Disponível em:


Unlimited Users on a Single Number, including landline:

Designed for CustomerService

Hal-AI Zap is the only one designed by experts for customer service and call centers, integrating the best of AI.

Send Bulk Campaigns

Create innovative campaigns and send in bulk to your customers using Meta Hal-AI features

Increase Your Sales

We are communications specialists. We receive your corporate or 0800 number or create a new one for you!

ChatBot Integrated with Internal Artificial Intelligence + ChatGPT for 100% autonomy

Hal-Ai Use

Provide human and automated service 24x7!

  • Integration API compatible with most CRM and Bank providers!

  • Automated service for:

    • Consigned credit​

    • Banking systems

    • Sales and customer service

      and much more...

Hal-Ai Flow

Build full-featured, autonomous AI chatbots with the graphical platform

Automatically handle multiple calls, 24/7, with AI-powered Hal-AI Zap

Hal-AI Zap operates around the clock, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, without you having to leave your computer or cell phone on. Everything in the cloud, 100% automated, and you can also mix human and automated service, triggering support from your team only when it is really necessary and saving manpower by more than 95%, in addition to increasing the efficiency and quality of service.

Hal-AI AI module also has the ability to evaluate your team's service, improving your performance and increasing your sales!

Customers of all sizes and different segments

Commerce and Markets

Medical Clinics

Payroll loans



Construction and Real Estate


Digital marketing



See why answer by WhatsApp


Countries and 60 different languages


100 Billion of messages are sent via WhatsApp everyday


of WhatsApp users in US use the app at least once a day.


Billion of people  use WhatsApp

Our differences:

WhatsApp Business



Welcome message automation and some additional messages


Company profile and website on WhatsApp


Unlimited number of attendants on computer or cell phone


Chatbot Integration with Artificial Intelligence


Integration with your Call Center or Company Phone Number


Online tracking of conversations with AI-automated assessment


Bulk messaging system integrated with Call Center features


Analysis and evaluation of chats automated by Artificial Intelligence


Integration with your traditional or Cloud Phone System, graphical reports and much more...


As cloud experts and partners
from Amazon Web Services, the largest service provider
in the world, see what you get:


Complete configuration and monitoring platform for customer service and marketing campaigns


Expert configuration support 


100% reliable and stable infrastructure on Amazon Web Services in the cloud


Exclusive Artificial Intelligence system to help you meet and manage contact with your customers

  • Do I need to delete my WhatsApp account?
    No! Your account continues to function without interruption. Unlike other solutions on the market, you do not run out of communication on WhatsApp, nor does any interruption occur in its operation. In addition, Hal-AI Zap starts working the moment you register your access. Simple, easy and fast.
  • Can I use the number I already have?
    Yes! Hal-Ai Zap allows you to use any number registered on WhatsApp, including numbers that are not with WhatsApp business, newly registered, landline or mobile.
  • Does my number stop working for any interval?
    No. As already mentioned, your number continues to work without interruption after registration with Hal-AI. Everything remains normal as if you were only using it on your cell phone. In addition, if you wish, you can monitor and intervene in Hal-AI Zap chats through your device. However, you don't need to leave a cell phone or computer on for the Hal-AI Zap bot to continue working. It's all in the Amazon cloud!
  • Do I lose the chat history?
    No. In addition to not being lost, Hal-AI ZAP imports the entire conversation history recorded on your cell phone and you can apply Hal-AI Artificial Intelligence chats to even evaluate your customers' past conversations. Additionally, Hal-AI generates reports of this history and you can search through the admin panel! All this without deleting the conversations from the cell phone.
  • Can I import my address book?
    Yes! And much more! You don't have any work. At the time of connection, Hal-AI Zap automatically imports your entire schedule to your account and you can use it to run campaigns, download in any format, search and relate appointments. All automatically!
  • Can I use other secondary numbers in Hal-AI?
    You can activate as many channels as you like in Hal-AI. Conversations can be automatically transferred by Artificial Intelligence between numbers, transparently and automatically.
  • Is it possible to request a phone number together with Hal-AI?
    Yes! Just contact our customer service and we will activate a new number for you in practically any region of Brazil! What's more, this number can receive calls and deliver them to your company's call center or even your cell phone!
  • Can I use a landline number?
    Yes! Just activate it on WhatsApp. If you don't know how, I'll be happy to help you!
  • And if I want to stop using Hal-AI Zap, do I still have my WhatsApp?
    If you don't like it - which we think is unlikely - and you want to stop using Hal-AI Zap, just cancel the service over the internet. Your WhatsApp will continue to work normally, without interruptions!
  • Do I need to have an Instagram or Facebook account?
    No! To have Hal-AI Zap, just have a working WhatsApp!
  • Do I need to be a publicly traded company?
    No! Hal-AI Zap works for individuals and businesses alike!
  • Do I need to have a website?
    You don't need a website to use Hal-AI Zap
  • Can I use my personal WhatsApp?
    Yes! Hal-AI Zap works with both regular and business WhatsApp.
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